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Backcountry Camping In Colorado

Colorado is one of the most picturesque states in the United States and backcountry camping in Colorado can afford you to see some of the break taking scenery up close. If you are looking for a way to commune with nature, try backcountry camping in Colorado.


Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountain range and many of those who embark on backcountry camping in Colorado enjoy hiking in the Rockies. Be sure to bring plenty of provisions in your backpack as well as a two way radio. Remember that you will not be able to get a cell phone signal when you are in the mountains.

There are many outdoor shops that carry gear for backcountry camping in Colorado. You will want to be sure that you have your hiking boots as well as comfortable clothing for this venture. If you are planning your backcountry camping trip in the summer but going into the mountains, be sure to bring plenty of clothing to keep warm as it gets cold in the mountains the further up you climb. Even in the summer, the Rocky Mountain range has snow at the peaks.

Bring provisions with you such as water and food. You can also get shelter tents that fold up and can be carried in your backpack. You can actually embark on a backcountry camping of Colorado tour for weeks while living off of the land. There is plenty of fishing to be done in this part of the country and you can also hunt in some areas. Many of those who embark on backcountry camping will bring enough provisions for themselves so that they do not have to try to capture their own food.

If you have never gone backcountry camping, there is no better place to do so than Colorado. Backcountry camping in Colorado is not like regular RV camping or even campsite camping. This entails moving around and backpacking your way through various areas. Many people will enjoy backcountry camping for weeks on end and welcome the challenge to live off of the land.

Backcountry camping in Colorado is one of the best ways to see the country. You can live off the land for as long as you want and there are several remote areas of this state where you can see nature at its finest moment. You can set up your campsite when you get tired of hiking or you can camp for several days in the same area. You should be in good physical shape when you are backcountry camping in Colorado and always take safety measures, such as letting someone know where you are and when to expect your return. A two way radio is also something that you will need when you are backcountry camping in Colorado or anywhere else.


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