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Backcountry Camping Tips

You can find plenty of backcountry camping tips when you go online. Backcountry camping is much more rural than ordinary camping. Although there are campsites for those who indulge in backcountry camping, for the most part this consists of hiking and setting up camp in more rural area rather than heavily populated campgrounds. Most of those who enjoy backcountry camping enjoy hiking and scenery. Take some of these backcountry camping tips:


Do not camp alone

One of the best backcountry camping tips that you can use is not to camp alone. It is a good idea to have someone with you when you are camping so that if something happens, such as an accident when you are hiking, you can have someone with you who can get you help. If you must go backcountry camping on your own, you should make sure that someone knows where you are going and when you will return.

Take a compass with you and two way radio

A two way radio can be used to communicate with people from the outside world. You should also have a compass that will enable you to know where you are going. It can be easy to get lost when you are in the wilderness so a compass can be your guide. A compass is a basic asset to take when you are doing any sort of camping. This is one of the most important of all the backcountry camping tips because it can prevent you from getting lost.

Bring plenty of provisions

While the idea of living off the land can sound adventurous, but do not depend on this to make your way when you are backcountry camping. One of the most useful backcountry camping tips that you can use is to bring plenty of food and water so that you will be able to sustain yourself for your journey. Be sure to bring a few days extra in provisions when you are camping in this manner.

Bring a first aid kid

A small first aid kit can help you if you get cut, get bit or stung. You can find a small first aid kit that will fit snugly into your backpack when you are backcountry camping. This should involve bandages as well as ointments for bites.

Take these valuable backcountry camping tips with you whenever you attempt to go backcountry camping. This can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life and there are plenty of places to go in the United States as well as Canada that will offer you picturesque scenery and wildlife that you can see up close. The more you go backcountry camping, the more you will enjoy this activity. Be sure to follow these backcountry camping tips when you are enjoying this type of rural adventure.


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