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Backcountry Camping In Tennessee

Backcountry camping in Tennessee can be very pleasant, especially if you are planning on visiting the Appalachian mountains. This mountain range runs in the eastern United States and, although not as impressive as the Rocky Mountains, is something to behold.


One of the best aspects about backcountry camping in Tennessee is that you have the weather on your side. Tennessee boasts of mild to warm weather all year long and although it is cooler in the mountains, you will not find conditions as rough when backcountry camping in Tennessee as you would if you were backcountry camping in Alaska or in colder temperatures.

When you are backcountry camping in Tennessee, make sure that you bring provisions such as water and food. You can get a backpack that you can use to contain all of your necessities. Water is essential as is food. You cannot depend on catching your food when you are backcountry camping in Tennessee or anywhere else, so it is best to bring provisions for yourself.

Backcountry camping entails hiking and then setting up camp in various places. You can see all of Tennessee this way if you so like. In addition to a variety of bird species, you will also see small and large animals. Be wary of bears as well as cougars that you might find in the wooded areas of this state. Most animals will not seek humans or attack unless they feel threatened.

Bring your camera when you are backcountry camping in Tennessee. There are valleys and mountains that you can explore while you are backcountry camping. You will get to see quite a bit more on foot than if you stay at a campsite. There are camping areas in Tennessee that are specifically made for backcountry camping.

One way that you can enjoy your backcountry camping in Tennessee experience is to wear layers of clothing. This will enable you to get warmer as you reach higher elevations and then cool off as you move into the valleys. There are plenty of footpaths in this state that you can take to really enjoy nature. Be sure to bring your camera with you when you go backcountry camping.

You can find backcountry camping gear in stores that specialize in outdoor and camping equipment. You can find just about everything, including supplies such as compact tents, flashlights for camping and even two way radios. You can have a lot of fun and see some of the most beautiful scenery in the country when you go backcountry camping in Tennessee. The one thing that you will want to be sure that you do is to make sure that you are safe and that you can radio for help if you have an accident. Always have a medical kit and plenty of provisions when you go backcountry camping in Tennessee or anywhere else.


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