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What Is Backcountry Camping?

What is backcountry camping? Have you ever wondered about this type of camping? Chances are that you have heard people talking about backcountry camping and had no idea what they were talking about. Backcountry camping usually involves hiking and is a much more rural way of camping than traditional camping. When you are backcountry camping, you are generally moving about during your camping trip. When you are embarking on ordinary camping, however, you generally stay put in one spot during the course of the camping trip.


There are tents that you can get that will fold up and slip into a backpack, allowing for instant shelter. Most people who are backcountry camping will stop at campsites for showers and even at eating spots to get a bite to eat. The purpose of backcountry camping is to enjoy the scenic atmosphere of the place where you are camping. You can go backcountry camping just about anywhere, just make sure that you bring the proper provisions.

So what is backcountry camping? It pretty much can be summed up as a cross between hiking and camping at the same time. For example, you might want to see the wilds of Colorado and go backcountry camping in this state with your backpack and a few supplies. This can go on for weeks as you move from place to place in Colorado and cover quite a bit of ground. Backcountry camping really tends to put you in tune with nature itself. Unlike traditional camping, you are not bound to stay in one spot so you can move throughout the camping areas of the state in a somewhat nomadic fashion. This enables you to cover more ground and see more of the area than if you just stayed at the same campground.

Make sure that you bring your camera when you are backcountry camping as you will likely get to see nature close up. You should also be familiar with the area where you are camping, what type of areas to avoid as well as what type of wild animals are in the area as well as reptiles. You should have a first aid kit when you are backcountry camping as well as a communication device so that you can call for help in case you get lost or stranded. Remember that you are better off with a radio than a cell phone as a two way radio has a better chance of picking up a frequency than a cell phone. You should also go with another individual and let someone know where you are going.

Bring a map, a backpack with supplies and put on your hiking boots when you are going backcountry camping as you are in for a treat. Once you have enjoyed this type of camping, you will no longer want to know what is backcountry camping as you will just want to do it.


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