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When going backcountry camping, you are really getting a taste of what it is like to be out in the wild. This means that you are not going to be setting up camp at some campsite with all the amenities, but truly "roughing it" in the woods. You can go backcountry camping in a number of different places including regions that are mountainous or wooded.


When you go backcountry camping, you should let others know where you will be located, just in case there is some kind of emergency. You should also be sure to bring safety equipment as well as a medical kit when you are backcountry camping.

Backcountry camping is a bit different than ordinary camping. Often, when people go camping they take an RV to a campground or even stay in a cabin. Camp grounds have showers, pools and even recreational facilities that you can use when you are enjoying the great outdoors. This is not the case when you are backcountry camping.

When you are backcountry camping, you will not have any of the modern amenities that you can get at a campground. This means that you are truly "roughing it" so to speak. You should look for clean water where you can bathe and bring plenty of provincials with you during your trip. This includes the basic necessities such as food and shelter. You will have to erect your own tent and set up a campsite when you are backcountry camping.

It is also a good idea to have some sort of defense with you when you are backcountry camping. This can be important in case there are any wild animals where you stay. Bears are the most dangerous of all, but will not usually approach humans unless they are looking for food. It is a good idea to keep any food out of your tent when you are backwoods camping. Other animals to be on the lookout for are mountain lions. For the most part, however, most animals will not actively try to attack human unless they feel threatened in some sort of way. If you come across baby bears, for example, you should head off in another direction pronto as a mother bear will attack if she feels her young are in danger.

Backcountry camping can give you the feel of the real outdoors and allow you to get in touch with nature. You should have good survival instincts, a two way radio that you can use to call for help if needed, a first aid kit, some sort of way to build a fire, cook food and some shelter when backwoods camping. You should always let someone on the outside know where you are planning on going and when you expect to return so that they can be on the lookout for you in case you meet with an accident and cannot go for help during your backcountry camping expedition.


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